Established in 2013 Private Vegetarian Catering is now Private Vegan Catering, a food service that provides fresh, spicy, wholesome and delicious vegan dishes. Delivered on a weekly basis and very reasonably priced, portions are generous and enough for two adults. They are a great way of incorporating a nutritious, meat and dairy free meal into your regular diet. All cooked with a minimum amount of coconut oil and no refined sugar.

Small parties and events are catered for and we can provide a wide range of food for your occasion, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.


Mung Bean Dal.
Urid Bean Dal.
Yellow Chana Dal.

£6 each or 2 for £10 available every week.
Week 1

Butternut Squash curry.
Chickpeas and spinach curry.
Kale, squash, chickpea and coconut curry.

Week 2

Chermoula veg.
Green Beans & peas curry.
Okra & potatoes curry.

Week 3

Mexican Chilli (made with sweet potato).
Smoky Mexican Meatballs.
Sri Lankan Beetroot.

Week 4

Thai Curry.
Tofu Chilli.
Tofu, spinach & mushrooms.


All the above dishes are large portions enough for 2.

They are £7 each or 2 for £13, further discounts are available on bulk orders.

Single portions are available at £3.50


Extra delivery charges apply for orders after 3 miles and outside Wolverhampton.



Cauliflower Rice. £1.50
6 Chapattis. £1
Poppadoms and carrot pickle. £1

All food is made using fresh ingredients (except where stated) and some home ground spices.
Local and UK produce is used where possible.
Only a small amount of coconut oil is used, 4ml per 750ml serving.
Only sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt is used.
No GM ingredients are used.
5 Star Hygiene Rating.


ALLERGENS: MUSTARD in all dishes.


Ordering and Payment

A text is sent out to customers on the mailing list every Friday (with no obligation to purchase).  If you do not want to sign up to the mailing list feel free to contact us to enquire which dishes are available in the following week. Once a response has been received with your order, delivery date will be arranged.

All food is delivered chilled, you have the option to consume it or store it for a few days (it will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days). Please reheat it thoroughly before consuming. Alternatively, all dishes (except smoky meatballs) and the chapatti’s can be frozen.

The containers we supply are freezable and microwaveable. Please re-use, return or recycle.

Cash, bank transfer or Paypal (+50p per transaction) payments accepted. Please contact me for details if you want to pay by transfer or Paypal.

A refund can be given if you are unhappy with your food for any reason.  Samples can be provided on request for a small delivery charge.  For bulk orders and events, samples must be tested prior to order.


Private Vegan Catering provide fresh, healthy, tasty and affordable food whilst maintaining the ethos of eliminating food waste. This is continually implemented by only ever purchasing what is required, vegetable peelings are composted and all packaging is recycled. The choice to operate as a vegan business has been made due to ethical decisions. Certain issues are impossible to ignore in this world today and we hope this business contributes in a small way to making the planet sustainable for the future.

Here at Private Vegan Catering our main aim is the taste of the food! Sure, you’ll get pretty pictures of food everywhere but do they taste as good as they look all the time? Understanding spices, herbs and seasoning are vital to making vegan meals taste amazing and our chef certainly has the knowledge and experience to ensure this. Cooking for over 25 years after being taught traditional Gujarati methods and techniques, his skills have been broadened by extensive travelling and studying cooking methods from around the world. Combined with a healthy interest in nutrition and the value of food as medicine for the same amount of time, the dishes have been carefully chosen to ensure you are receiving the best for your body!
The reason we operate in the way we do is that it allows us and our customers to at least plan a meal or two in advance. Having researched meal planning and prep, we have found that organising your meals for the week ahead enables you to be economical with your finances and also helps you purchase only what you need when you do your weekly shop. It’s great to be spontaneous sometimes, but in these frugal days a little planning and forethought might save you a few pounds (in your wallet and waistline!).
With our dishes being on a weekly rotation and new dishes being trialled and regularly added you won’t be disappointed with our choice, food and service.

Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
Ayurvedic proverb – When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.